Archaeological excavations, near Montclus,  going back to 1957 made it possible to highlight the presence of the man at Montclus since immemorial times:  decouverte of a stratification since 8000 to 2000 before J-C.  Presence of tribes of sedentaries fisherman.


The medieval VILLAGE existed before XIIIème century. Castrum Montecluso, such is the Latin form contenue  in a document of 1275.

Its position on a hill entouree of mountains was worth its nom. In 1263 to him was founded in Montclus an abbey in the name of Mons Serratus.


There remain the vestiges of an old monastery Benedictine troglodytic (vast room dug in the rock)

 with the locality « Les Beaumes » which was used later as vault in Templiers (XII and XIIIème siecles). In

1275 was built a castle of which there remains the

 square keep late a great  height was built the Bridge of the Mill which stribe the "Cèze" which says one rolled the gold  spangles. Wonderful site, of beautiful rural houses and  narrow 

lanes give to this village an exceptional seal.

The castle

Cultural Association Montclusienne (A.C.M) en assure festive

animation throughout the year. Take also time to make a turning by

the  villages of St-Andre-of-Roquepertuis and   Goudargues.

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